Awesome ♥♥♥

Photo by Matt Harbicht

Looove this photo!:)


Awesome ♥♥♥

Photo by Matt Harbicht

Looove this photo!:)


Thrilling Adventure Hour New York Comic Con


gotta love the beyond belief intro right up to the clink!

from the bell house 10.11.14


TAH Panel from New York Comic Con 2014

Lots of big news from our NYCC panel! You’ll get the full scoop on all of our future projects—and there are a lot of them—here, with TAH creators Ben Acker & Ben Blacker (theirs are the first voices you’ll hear), WorkJuice Players Marc Evan…


Hey guys, so much has happened and we haven’t had much time to report in! I’m posting this from my phone in the airport on the way home, so forgive any typos.

We were at the panel yesterday so have some photos, we will post more later. We decided to wait until the panel podcast was out so everyone could hear the news straight from the Bens first. So we suggest you go listen to that. But let’s recap the big stuff. Here’s the scoop!

As already posted, both the Beyond Belief and Sparks comics are available now on the thrilling adventure hour website. Go get ‘em!

As previously announced, the Beyond Belief pilot is in the works! They’ll be filming it very soon, with Paul, Paget and Janet!

So there’s other big news and changes coming, hold on to your hats.

They are also teaming up with Nerdist to start doing LIVE ACTION Sparks Nevada webisodes, with Marc and Mark and all the rest of the Workjuice players! No timeline on this yet.

This, however, means big changes for the podcast. The April 2015 show will be the final live regular show. The podcast will continue in some form that isn’t clear now, or the schedule.

The comics will also have audio versions, so you can read it, listen to it, or both! The comics will be supplemental stories taking place between the regular episodes.

There will be a TAH soundtrack coming soon! Official versions of all your favorite TAH songs! YAY!

Aaaaand finally, Kickstarter backers should have your graphic novels AND the concert film by Christmas!

More news as it emerges, but big things are in The works!


More from the Thrilling Adventure Hour panel at NYCC, 10/12/2014


From Mindy Tucker’s Twitter.


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